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Posted by JollyBag - September 23rd, 2021

I'm NOT drunk, YOU ARE drunk. On hotdogs, obviously.

Anyways! So, Madness Day 2021, eh? I've been aching to see what we get this year and OH BOY did we get a lot of cool content!

This year I've partaken in TWO projects rather than, well, four like last year BUT THAT'S FINE that's great that's epic, because even tho my participation this year was lesser, it was still worthwhile and fun! So, what did I work in? Here, check this out:

Madness CringeHank: The 7 Devices

So my good homie Zapchon was working on what originally just seemed like a joke collab related to the WhiteHank series, but it turned into something WAY better than what any of us originally had envisioned. It's chaotic indeed, but holy hell was it fun to work on this! Shoutout to the team for making this such a crazed but entertaining experience!

MADNESS Black Berserk Episode 2: Internal Strife

Did I ever tell you folks that I aspire to become a voice actor someday? My insanity in voicechats isn't merely a coping mechanism for my social anxiety but ALSO a nice way to figure out what voices I could do or not. While messing around I stumbled upon my friend BlackholeStudios and it turns out they needed some voiceworks! So I offered myself for the modest price of [F R E E] and voiced some generic goons here and there. Beware, for my voice quality falls WAY behind the rest, but regardless of my voiceacting capabilities the animation itself is full of action and personality! Check it out eh!


We also oughta talk about the entries where I did NOT do JACK aka not my stuff. SHOUTOUT TIME!!! In no particular order.

Cinemadness: Subjugation (1/2)

My good pal DarkSignal had been working on his solo for quite a while, and his stuff is pretty interesting you see? He made his own custom rig for animation that makes character posing a lot more dynamic! A conflict between the well known AAHW and the MERC (A bad guy faction from the upcoming MADNESS: Project Nexus game by none other than Krinkels and Swain themselves, wow!).

The choreographies are interesting, the two factions have an exchange of gunfire and DEATH, and the soundtrack piece by Cheshyre syncs up with the action! Check it!

Madness Combat 5: Depredation REMAKE

Jeremotas, a folk that's somewhat fresh into the community as far as I know ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSED ME with this lengthy reimagination of the series' 5th installment, taking new ideas and a new scenario into this animation with astounding fight scenes and spriteworks! Lovely work, Jere, you are starting strong!

Rush City

My man Zhou organized a very good-looking collab that surprised me! He and a few others managed to bring a retro-styled movie with pretty cinematic shots and lovely artistic take on a neon-city, vehicular shoot-out! Amazing work in the art and execution of this collab! Nice length (hoho) and a simple but nice story.

Feelings Episode 1.5: Flee

Tuvster did a short in-between episode to his retro-styled series "Feelings". While it's not as actiony as it's first episode, it sure gives the idea of a weak protagonist who needs to stay in the shadows to avoid a demise. A weakling-ish protagonist is always welcome in my book! Great work, Tuvs, your style is simply just too characteristic of you <3 and that's a good thing, mind you!

Madness: GUY'S NIGHT

A pretty cute entry! 3D, has an interesting artstyle and pretty soft-looking! It's adorable! Small little fellas, and while there's not as much violence it's still a nice watch imo!

And that's it! There's NOTHING else to talk about! Nothing at all! We're done here now back to your average schedule! Hmhm! Byebye! Now go and watch these movies! Now! Go! Go go go! That's an order! Yup!