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News on Jailbreak: Fall of Helios

Posted by JollyBag - February 25th, 2021

Well, first of all, I wanna thank you folks for getting me to +300 followers despite my very small activity in this place, but that may soon chance, since I've got an interesting offer for you Madness animators and spriters out there:

Fall of Helios: Now Recruiting!


Image courtesy of the talented MintyEggs

After MD2020 I realized that this collaborative project is in serious need of some assistance in terms of animation, backgrounds and so on. We've had a shortage of backgrounds, and some animators. Plans have changed, some scenes will be scrapped, characters will go unused and so on, but we're still working on bringing out a good animation. And you can help us now!

Here is information about the project, and what we need from potential collab members that wish to join into the chaos!

The plot

Have you watched the original Madness Jailbreak? No? Get to it.

A tl;dw: A prison riot happens, and the prisoners try to reach for freedom. Sounds simple? Well not only are the guards VERY WELL geared, but this time around the plot takes place inside a massive aircraft soaring the skies of a NEXUS-conquered Nevada.

Something goes wrong at ground-level, and this causes the airship's security systems fail, leading to the prison complex within the aircraft to malfunction and release some of the wicked characters within.

This collab aims to reinforce and/or improve some of the aspects that weren't polished in the original Jailbreak collaboration or were just good enough. This includes backgrounds, choreographies, designs, character interactions, teamwork, squad combat, etc.

Requirements / What we need from you


  • A Discord account, for access to the collab server and to keep in frequent contact with me.
  • Flash CS5 or superior, for access to the spritesheets and other people's files if required.

Additional animators

You're here to fill in the gaps that some of the other animators may not be able to fill. You will be probably animating special effects, maybe specific body parts of characters, or maybe even help out with co-op scenes with full characters.

  • Experience with FBF animation or with sprite animation.
  • Experience with movie clips or other symbols that can be used for visual effects within flash.

Background artists

All the action has to happen somewhere, and sadly, despite the amount of animators on board, not all of them have the privilege of knowing how to give life to the place of action. That's where you come in!

  • Experience with 1-point and/or 2-point perspective backgrounds in flash.
  • Flexibility and order in the creation of backgrounds.

Where to contact me

You may message me via Newgrounds's private messages, HOWEVER I would preffer if you messaged me via Discord, as I'm ten times as active in there. My Discordtag is JollyBag#3769. Please estate what you wish to do in the collab, as to organize the amount of people we can take in.



P.D. I'll be chucking sneak peeks every so in a while based on our progress. We want you peeps to know this project is still standing <3


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Holy shit, that art is freaking amazing


Chicken nuggets not included

join pleas i mad e thumbnail art


Madness Jailbreak.

now im ready

now im ready

Hells to the yeah bro

damn that's epic as long as my sprite doesn't appear without my permission even though i'm not in


@spacie-chan im leaving now

save a place